Understanding Customers Needs

  • We take the time to fully understand your needs and what type of product you are trying to develop or produce.

Product Design Concept

  • We take your design and produce a prototype for testing or we will take you idea and create a product that meet your needs.

Prototype Development

  • We can create a prototype of the design using our in-house CAD systems.
  • We can create documentation / schematics / Gerber 274x PCB Files / ACAD or Surfcam mechanical drawings to create your product.

Setup and manage Production

  • We can manage USA based production to having products produced in China to produce your product for the lowest costs.

Long Term Maintenance

  • If your product needs maintenance or repaired, we can setup the capabilities to meet your needs.

Finished Product

  • Deliver your product on-time and on-budget for a long term relationship with producing your product.

From Concept to Production

Products & Capabilities


• We use the powerful PIC18F series micro-controllers.
• Specializing in PIC Controller using the MPLAB IDE.
• Control of ISM Digital Radio Systems – 900 mhz Digital Spread Spectrum for wireless sensors or remote control functions.
• Encrypting Data and storing on external Datakeys.

“Microchip” is a registered trademark of the Microchip Corporation.

Mmulti-layer PCB Designs

Mmulti-layer PCB Designs

Mmulti-layer PCB Designs

We create multi-layer PCB Designs

Custom “Overlays” with embedded switches

Create Custom “Overlays” with embedded switches