What is Stargate

Stargate International is a Colorado based designer of electronic products. The company has designed numerous products for many companies over the past 19 years. All of these products are smart products controlled by PLC or PIC Controllers, using the MPLAB IDE and Microcode studio development systems. Our strength lies in taking you all the way through the process from “CONCEPT to PRODUCTION”.

Concept/Idea – Stargate will work with anyone with an idea for an electronic product, to conceptualize that idea to the point where the concept can be proven.

Proof of Concept – a prototype board and components is created to prove that the concept can work.

Design – Once the concept has been proven, the board, components and working parts are designed to complete the creative process.

Prototype – when the design is complete and approved by all necessary stakeholders, a working model (prototype) is created to bring the product to life. The prototype phase can be as long as necessary in order to take all bugs out of the product and the manufacturing process prior to entering the manufacturing phase.

Manufacturing – Stargate can either turnkey the manufacturing process for you or can locate an appropriate manufacturer.